Stefan Strandberg


Stefan Strandberg.Född in Filipstad 1955, moved as 12 year old to Valdemarsvik where he the same year bought he´s first system camera.

Underwent a documentary photo education 1972 and a number workshops innom portraits and publicity photo during the first half of the 70-. Emploied 1982-96 on the advertising agency Bogart Reklam AB as AD and photographer. 1996-98 portraits photographer with his own studio and there after as free country the wide side about a kariär as sing and song writer. Contributed to fondation of Bildbyrån Grandpix 2004 where he still is socketed.

The technology has in recent year more and more been concentrated on art photographing. Began to testing digital photo 2001 and workes almost whid out conseption with digital cameras.